Space for start

Looking for comfortable work space? Starter is the place for you! Wonderful localization, high quality, place stimulating your own and your workers’ creativity. Availability 24 hours a day! Approximate price – 25m2 office2 (monthly):
Time of activity Net price**
1 year 900 zł*
2 years 1025 zł*
3 years 1350 zł*

*Rental price included: 17zł/ m2 in the first year of business activity, 22zł/m2 in the second year, 35zł/m2 in the third year + the exploitation charge 19zł/m2.

**Media individually accounted for, should be included in the price./m2.

Get the place which you adapt for your needs, and also:
our experts’ advisory support ( 1h if 25 m²/PM, 2h if 45m² and more )
places on training courses helping in both, business and self-development
promotion on the events organized by Starter
dynamic development of Contact Network on networking meetings
business meeting area (10h/PM)
Internet Client Panel, providing easier access to invoices and settlement of accounts