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Meet us!

Rafał Janik

Managing Director at SoCommerce. Co-founder of and 1Click2Mobile. Owner of Thinkmedia.

Marcin Pokojski

He completed 200 projects in 13 Years of Work for Wirtualna Polska. This allowed him to discover the recipe for business success.

Łukasz Olechnowicz

CEO at Volanto, co-founder of Software Development Academy and Pomorska Fundacja Inicjatyw Gospodarczych.

Radosław Białas

Investment Director at Black Pearls VC. He deals with investment in innovative early stage projects.

Małgorzata Jasnoch

CEO at STARTER Incubator. Cares about innovation and creativity.

Joanna Grandzicka

COO at STARTER Incubator. Cares about education and networking.